This article is all about ten best blenders under 100.

High-performance blenders are a must-have when it comes down to making your own blended drinks at home. They can definitely be fun, high-efficient, and practical. Yet, they don’t have to be so expensive.

Some budget blenders are proven to be much more efficient than the high-end expensive blenders on so many aspects. Here’s a list of the top 10 blenders you can get for a budget under 100 dollars.

1. Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender BL610:


It is a 1000W mid-priced blender from SharkNinja that stands out with its professional-grade power and advanced technology. If you are a juicing enthusiast, this is the right blender for you.

  • A Sleek Design: First of all, the BL610 has a sleek professional design that will make a great addition to your kitchen. The modern black model is simply an eye candy. With its user-friendly interface, you shouldn’t waste any time reading the manual, instead, just get to work!
  • A High-end Performance: The BL610 has a 1000-watt motor base with professional performance power. Thanks to its creative and sharp multiple-blade design, it can crush the toughest of ingredients within seconds.
  • A Large Capacity: For those who have a big family, making a drink is now a one-click-process.  The blender comes with a 72oz pitcher. This huge pitcher is enough to make drinks for 6-9 individuals. Even though it is advised not to fill it to its max in order to avoid a huge mess.

2. The Magic Bullet Blender


It is tiny yet functional. The magic bullet blender is the perfect personal blender you can ever have. In fact, it’s everything you need to have to whip up smoothies in a flash. This magic bullet blender is one of the best blenders under 100.

  • Space-saving: Even though the design is not that pretty, the blender base is so tiny. It can be stored pretty much anywhere in the kitchen. You won’t even notice it.
  • Very Effective: For a blender of its size and price, the magic bullet blender is considered to be very effective.  When it comes down to none-frozen drinks, this tiny 250-watt blender will do magic. It can prepare anything from smoothies to protein powders in under 10 seconds. It is also very easy to use, you don’t have to press any switch, just press down on top of the cup and the motor will be activated.
  • Affordable:  In the personal blender category, the magic bullet blender is considered to be the most affordable choice. For around 30$ you can get the 11-piece-set with extra cups and blades to do a wide variety of other works.

3. NutriBullet NB9-1301 PRO


NutriBullet is a huge name. In the world of personal blenders, they are one of the most recognized brands with the NB9-1301 being the best 900W budget blender they ever built. And that’s for various reasons.

  • An Amazing Price-to-performance Ratio: For a blender that costs less than a hundred dollars, the NB9 Pro blends as a good smoothie as those more expensive models. Thanks to the optimized 900-watt motor the NutriBullet Pro is much faster and stronger and will blend some of the silkiest smoothies you’ll ever taste.
  • A Genius Design: This blender is so neat and sharp. The model comes in a wide variety of colors. All you have to do is to pick the best match for your kitchen.  The stainless blades will preserve its fresh look no matter how long you’ve been using it.
  • Easy to Clean: twist off the blade carefully. The lid and jars are dishwasher-safe. Rinse the blades with soap and voila! As good as new.  

4. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender:


When it comes down to multi-functioning, this 700-watt-power blender is your top choice in the budget blenders category. It is definitely easy to use and extremely practical. With tons of speeds and functions offered by this beast, you can take your blending skills to the next level.

  • A Multi-function Blender: The 700Watt blender can easily handle various blending tasks. In fact, it is equipped with12 blending functions so that you can enjoy the experience at its very best.
  • Ease of Use: With this elite Blender, blending can’t get any easier. With a compact user-friendly interface, all the buttons you need are right there within your reach. It is also fairly quiet and easy to clean since it is dishwasher-safe
  • Actually Practical: The blender definitely works extremely well for most purposes. The 700 watts of peak blending power can handle anything you throw at it. The stainless blades are perfectly designed to give you the smoothest blend possible.

5. Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender


Ninja earned another spot in this list for its unique compact blender model. Tiny yet so powerful, this single-serve blender emits 900 watts of peak blending power. Being the least expensive and most efficient, the BL456 is certainly a choice to consider. It is one of the best benders under 100.

  • A Next Level Efficiency:  With a 900-Watt-motor base, the BL456 will blend the most solid ingredients you put inside. It is also well known for preserving nutritional values which makes it athletes’ top choice.  Sharp stainless blades will cut through anything and are easy to replace. Very simple to use, just hold down the blender cup for 10seconds and voila!
  • Great Affordability: Way more cheaply than other high-end blenders in the market, the BL456 is also known to outperform most of them. It comes with an 18Oz cup and a huge recipe book. The BL456 can certainly satisfy your needs.
  • A Great Nutritional Value: Thanks to its advanced technology, the Ninja BL456 is famous for its feature of extracting hidden nutritional values and vitamins in the ingredients you blend. If you are an athlete, the BL456 will help you meet your calorie intake while making the healthiest smoothies and protein shakes you’ll ever taste.

6. Oster BVCB07-R00-FFP


The 600-blending-watts Oster is made in North America, and backed by the superior quality and power of All-Metal Drive. It provides expert results at the touch of a button.

  • Smart Technology:  Pre-customized settings control the engine, mentioning to it what speed to utilize and when to stop. It removes the mystery from blending experience. One single touch is all it takes to prepare your smoothies.
  • A great performance: This blender can perform substantial duties without any problem thanks to its 600-watt peak of blending power. It will blend the toughest of ingredients in no time and provide you with creamy, delicious smoothies.
  • A practical design: The super ‘All Metal Drive’ is extra solid for a metal-to-metal contact. The stainless steel will shop with high precision. This blender also has an advanced reverse feature that will free the jar of jump-ups

7. Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender

Best Blenders Under 100

The MQ505 rivals increasingly costly models at pureeing soup and smoothies completely. You’ll get to enjoy the blending experience like never before. Thanks to its soft grip, blending will become of the most comfortable daily tasks.

  • High-Efficiency Motor:  A German-engineered 350-Watt-motor. It’s incredible enough to match the eternity of your blending needs. The engine unit diminishes grinding, heat scattering, power misfortune and wear for durable toughness.
  • A Well Designed Grip: The grip is slip-resistant and settles the apparatus during use for an increasingly productive performance. It simply adjusts to your hand for simple control.
  • A Practical PowerBell Head: The PowerBell system is designed for quicker rand increasingly incredible outcomes. It is called Powerbell for its bell-shaped looked which is pretty handy when it comes to diminishing splatter and avoiding a huge mess.

8. PopBabies Personal Smoothie Blender

Best Blenders Under 100

PopBabies personal blender is one of the most efficient portable blenders in the market. It is highly versatile and will offer you great convenience.

  • A Portable Blender: A crazy feature of this blender is the fact that it is portable. No, I’m not talking about being able to carry it easily during your travels. I’m talking about being able to use it WITHOUT electricity. Thanks to its inbuilt lithium BPA-free battery, you can charge it with a USB plug and voila! You’re good to go.
  • A Powerful Motor: At 22000 rpm, the PopBabies blender is powerful enough to blend anything from ice to frozen fruits and veggies. That’s a lot of power for a tiny blender.
  • Easy to Use:  The compact design is so neat. To prepare a smoothie, just slice the ingredients, add water, flip the blender and hit the switch. You don’t need a glass, detach the blender and drink from it directly

9. COSORI Blender

Best Blenders Under 100

The COSORI 800w smoothie blender was intended for the occupied, in a hurry individual. If you’re sick of pouring into containers and then having to clean them up, this is the right blender for you.

  • A Great Performance: The 800-watt-engine provides a high speed and high blending power. At 23,000 rpm, it can crush ice and other tough ingredients at the touch of a button, with ease.
  • Easy to Use: Thanks to COSORI, blending becomes only a three-button operation. It comes with a 3-Edge-blade each blade has its unique feature. It does everything from finely chopping and dicing to crushing nuts and seeds while extracting vitamins and other nutrients.
  • Safety Features: When it comes down to safety, the COSORI blender has it all. It was designed carefully in order to avoid overloading and overheating. It definitely ensures a unique, risk-free experience.

10. Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick

Best Blenders Under 100

The least expensive yet the best rated, this 9-speed powerful blender never fails to impress buyers worldwide. It is a superb alternative for the ones that need something basic and proficient.

  • Exceptional Quality: The full copper motor can handle anything you throw at it like a champ. With a 500-Watt of blending power, the Ultra-Stick withstands continuous use. It will not overheat, vibrate nor shake.
  • Extremely Versatile: The dishwasher shaft is removable, easily attaches to the motor with a fixed stainless steel blade. You don’t have to worry about having to clean a huge mess as there won’t be any.
  • An Incredible Design: The Ultra-Stick offers an ergonomic, slip-resistant, and comfortable grip. It is a compact stick that will definitely fit anywhere from mixing bowls to pots.