Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies

Affordable. Budget-friendly. Cost-effective. No matter which word you use, sometimes we simply need the best cheap auto insurance.


Geico offers a ton of coverage options, in addition to the standard auto coverages you need, so you can customize your policy based on your budget. 


USAA has a reputation for providing exceptional and competitive rates for its members. In addition to the standard fare of auto coverage options, including roadside assistance and total loss protection.


Progressive provides all the standard auto insurance coverages you’re required to carry. But there are plenty of options available such as roadside assistance, loan/lease payoff, car rental reimbursement — even coverage on your custom, after-market equipment.

State Farm

State Farm offers the standard coverage for each state, but an impressive list of coverage options too. You have the option of adding roadside assistance, car rental reimbursement, and rideshare driver coverage.

The Hartford

The Hartford offers useful options such as new car replacement, lifetime car repair assurance, even Recovercare assistance if you’ve had an accident


Erie offers the standard auto insurance coverages, but its policies include several standard features other competitors charge extra for. 

Farm Bureau

You can’t reference cheap car insurance without mentioning Farm Bureau. Farm Bureau consistently offers some of the lowest premiums you can purchase — without sacrificing quality coverage.


Nationwide has specialty options such as gap coverage, roadside assistance, total loss deductible waiver, and accident forgiveness. Nationwide is available in almost every state and offers 12 discounts to lower your premiums.